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Manifest your health and positive thinking with Crystal-based Home Decor

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

In an effort to create a zen-like atmosphere around the house, we've been in the search of all kinds of changes, including the use of crystals for their healing characteristics and aesthetic traits.

Crystals have their own unique frequencies and information in their molecular structure that we can feel and tap into during meditation and for balance and healing. Each one is unique and has it’s own vibrational and healing tone, much like plants, animals, musical notes and even colors. With healing crystals, I often use a crystal with the tone that is opposite to what the person is energetically experiencing, as to balance the subtle energies. For instance, if an individual was having anxiety and a hard time getting grounded, I would have them hold a raw ruby, garnet, black tourmaline, black onyx, or smoky quartz for grounding. The grounding and slow vibration from these stones would help to calm and root the anxious body and mind. You can also use them to enhance a vibration that is already present. Such as using rose quartz at weddings, baby showers or early dating stages to enhance the already present energy of love.

What are the top 3 crystals every beginner needs?

ROSE QUARTZ – Light, open, loving vibration. Emanates a frequency of universal compassion, harmony, and unconditional love. Great for the bedroom, any room in the house, the office, a car, on the body, and in meditation. Wonderful stone to work with when manifesting romantic love and partnership or creating open communication in relationships.

CLEAR QUARTZ – “Master Healer Stone” and a stone of amplification. Great stone for meditation and setting intentions. Also amplifies the properties of all other crystals, and works to balance and align the energy of the body.

BLACK TOURMALINE – Protective, grounding, and helps to shield against lower vibrational energy as well as electromagnetic frequencies (harmful frequencies emanating from cell phones, WiFi and TVs). Great stone to have next to a computer, in the car, while traveling or when healing from colds/flus.

How to you use healing crystals? What exactly do you do with them?

There are many different ways to “work” with or “use” crystals. We can work with them intentionally in meditation, for crystal grid work, healing, or as energy holders. Crystals are frequency holders, they store and hold onto frequencies and “information,” much like a thumb drive or usb drive.

Clear and cleanse your crystals:

As crystals store onto information and energy, they need to be cleansed from time to time. Much like hitting a reset button. Easy and great ways to cleanse your crystals at home:

-Place in water with sea salt

-Burn a white sage leaf, palo santo or cinnamon stick over the crystals with the intention that the smoke cleanse and clear the stones.

-Place the stones under running water with the intention that the water cleanse the stones.

-Bury the stones in the ground in a safe place outside for 3 days, allowing the Earth to soak up any unwanted energy and cleanse the stones.

-Place on or by a selenite wand.


Credit: article by Damsel in Dior.


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