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the Eastern & Oriental Tea House & Coffee Parlour

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

When it comes to Hanoi and where to find a nice coffee house, our answer is always: The one next door. This city is so proud of the coffee quality, as if it is Italy of South East Asia, so you understand that everywhere the coffee is equally good.

Right after the moment we sealed the deal with the Eastern & Oriental Tea House & Coffee Parlour, we have been eager to see how they would transform our property, the French-styled Townhouse, from a residence to a cafe.

To our surprise, the owners of Eastern & Oriental remain the house at its original form, only leverage at its best. Their furnitures are Oriental style in raw finishing, surprisingly they make harmonizing contrast with the marble bar. Plants are everywhere, the place provides napkins instead of tissues, no plastic straws. Their menu features both iconic Vietnamese and Italian coffees, plant-based tea and lunch selections. We appreciate the label that builds themselves around committed philosophy to sustainability and ethicality.

That afternoon, we sat at the same balcony with same lake-view in front of us, in the cold wind of Spring, sipping our iced coffee and hibiscus tea, with a nostalgic feeling gushing over inside.

We knew, we have made the right decision!


the Eastern & Oriental Tea House & Coffee Parlour is only 4 min walk from THL Residence Westlake.


the Eastern & Oriental Tea House & Coffee Parlour

26 Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Delivery service: 090 4621 649

Instagram: @eastern.oriental

Image credit: the Eastern & Oriental Tea House & Coffee Parlour & Petit Trianon art lounge.



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