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Movie Talk • Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

It's a fun action-packed on-the-Edge of your seat thrill ride with great cinematography...

And certainly - a hell of a lot of choreography in the action, great chemistry between The Rock, Jason Statham and Vanessa Kirby. What's more to expect from an expansion of the Fast and Furious franchise? This very first spin-off kills it.

You’ll see unexpected celebrity cameos. You’ll visit a lot of locations on the globe-trotting adventure of our three main heroes. And, like I said earlier, you’re gonna get a lot of car action and action-related action. Plus, there involves with advanced technology aspect that the previous Fast & Furious franchise had not yet mentioned, and there are also important message to everyone in this movie.

Only downside is, we don’t get any lines/dialogues from Roman Reigns and not enough screen time for Eiza Gonzalez, though I’m hopeful we see more of her in more potential side films in the F&F franchise, assuming this one does well.

Reviewed by Link.

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