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Pampering over holiday in Rose Immersion retreat

What better way to keep our Well-Being section interesting than to share our latest discovery? A gem of a spa in the busiest of the fancy side of Westlake neighborhood. Sitting right at the turn between the main and the sub To Ngoc Van street, this Lovin’ Spa strives to deliver premium service – from villa setting to facilities and attentive reception – all you need to enjoy a pleasant short retreat.

To prove ourselves that we are qualified to recommend the place, we booked a full package that lasted for more than 3 hours in order to experience (and also spoiled ourselves during the holiday time) their core services.


The best way to try out a spa’s service quality is through using their "ready-to-use" package, though we understand that it might not be advisable for the new customers to cash out a bunch for their first time (That’s why we are here testing first). The service we booked including:

  1. Warm foot bath with rose petal – 15 mins

A smart way to make the whole “waiting for your room to be ready” exciting and totally worth your time.

2. Body Massage with seasonal oil, in our case, it was made of mint and nut. - 75 mins

One of our lady team members asked for soft massage, while our manager wanted a super strong one. The ladies worked well regarding your request on how powerful you want them to act upon your body.

3. Facial Massage, with rose mask, floral serum – 60 mins

Extra point: 15 mins with Rose quartz roller and serum. We learnt that the small roller head worked better than the big one.

4. Body exfoliation, with rice powder and rose oil – 20 mins

What we probably like most, that their skincare products are made of natural ingredients.

5. Hot tub, with bath salt, rose oil – 20 mins

Soothing and calming, plus, the tubs are very Instagramable.


With its semi-traditionalist interior in cream and brown pantone: wooden furniture, featuring rose embroidery curtains and rattan wall décor, Lovin’ Spa offers a fresh take on Indochina zen vibe. Mind the Koi fish pond right at the front garden, ask for the fish food at spa reception if you want to feed them, they are very mouthful.


Nice warm chamomile tea at the welcoming, and in our case, even during our bathtub time. In fact, the only thing we couldn’t give a decent recommendation for back then was their sponge cake. Because like any “we are under strict diet” ladies to retain their graceful youth and body shape, our members must refuse pastry consumption especially during holiday.


Lovin’ Spa takes serious job in recruiting employees those are fluent and confident to communicate with you in English, giving us attentive welcoming, to conduct a verbal survey, and respond professionally when receiving our feedback. We gave them 10/10 regarding communication, as you know how frustrated it feels when somebody don’t understand your language.

Not “so much” our “cup of tea”:

Nice bathroom, but they might consider to have somebody remove all of the stickers on the sink. Those will become ugly and leave lots of stain after a while.



Lovin' Spa

37 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho Hanoi

From 420.000 vnd per 60 mins service, check out: www.lovinspa.com

Book spa appointment with THL Management team to get exclusive THL Tenant offer, with 20% discount and free round trip.

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