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Movie Talk • Spider-Man: Far from Home

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Two years ago, The first Spider-man remake / Spider-man: Home Coming somehow made us feel like one whole century was slowly passing by, because the movie was too much of teenager cliche. Part 2: Far from Home has been improved from that.

The villain, obviously motivated by simple human sins: greed and envy, has led Spider-Man to fight the battles, bruises and stresses of all kinds. Through it, “Spidey” learned to grow up, be self-reliant, overcome guilt and hurt to become a true grown-up hero without Tony. The first Act was a bit slow and predictable. But from the middle of second Act towards the end, the pace moved up with appealing twists.

The two after-credit are the best pieces of content of the movie, showing an attractive return. Not to mention, this movie is like a beautiful trip to Europe, through the big screen. The down part stays in the "Peter - MJ" love story as the two of them are quite unrelated couple with superficial conversation.

Reviewed by Link.

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